Salient Features

MyGreatLakes management team is always ready to help. Also, they can provide better options for the company, not the borrower. This means that they cannot modify the way payments are processed and may not suggest the cheapest payment option. It is necessary to know your payment options to make your financial life easy.

MyGreatLakes is one of the best portals for the students who wish to clear their due loans and who wish to achieve their dreams. Thus, no student needs to give up on their dreams just because of the lack of financial resources.

MyGreatLakes Salient Features

Some of the most unique features of the Great Lakes Login online portal are as follows:

  • Sign up to access your account online. Once you have access, you can easily contactMyGreatLakes, access your monthly statements, and pay your bills easily.
  • Sign up for automatic payment. MyGreatLakes can automatically deduct your payments from your bank account.
  • If you decide to go with the automatic mode of payment, your interest rate will drop by 0.25%.
  • MyGreatLakes can help you temporarily delay the payments or decrease their value if you qualify the eligibility criteria. This helps you stay in good shape to avoid the penalties of the late payments. However, at any point of change or tolerance, the growth in interest rate will continue as per the terms and conditions of this portal.
  • You can process monthly payments and additional payments. MyGreatLakes tracks and collects your payments. If you wish to make additional payments, you can request MyGreatLakes(online, by phone, or by mail) to make additional payments on your current balance. Otherwise, you can pay the amount with some amount of interest in the next month.