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In case, you’ve taken out a student loan (or multiple loans) to allow yourself your higher education, you must be knowing the MyGreatLakes Higher Education Corporation or “Great Lakes” for short.

We have explained the steps of the signup procedure, the login procedure, and the steps to use this portal in a very simple language in our article.

The Madison, Wisconsin-based MyGreatLakes is one of the most popular nonprofit organizations that has been on the market since 1967 and is proud to give something back valuable to its community. The company’s only tag line is: “Do the right thing to shape the better life and future for yourself.”

MyGreatLakes Contact Details

In case, you face any issue while using the online portal, you can contact the Great Lakes without any worries. They are keen to solve your issues within no time. Have a look at the Great Lakes contact details below:

Great Lakes Dial Number: 800-236-4300

Great Lakes Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. at 9 p.m. CT

Great Lakes Loan Repayment Address:

ED’s own loans processed and managed by the Great Lakes Department of Education

P.O Box 530229
Atlanta, GA 30353-0229

Alternative address to mail:

Box p.O. Great Lakes 3059

Milwaukee, WI 53201-3059

General Correspondence Address for the Great Lakes:

Great lakes

Box 7860

Madison, WI 53707-7860

Great Lakes official website:

Along with the bank transfer, automatic payment is usually a good idea as automatic fees reduce the probability that you will miss your loan payment. Thus, you will get rid of the penalties of late payments.